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Funeral Service Cost Information

Many people don’t realise that in Queensland there is no licensing or regulation determining education, training, experience or facility standards necessary to provide funeral service. Unfortunately, this means that standards among funeral service providers will vary significantly.

Boyne Tannum Funerals and Cremations are proud members of the AFDA (Australian Funeral Directors Association) and abide by their regulations and standards within the funeral industry. Along with our code of conduct and pride in excellent service, we assure that you will receive the highest standard of support and service. A standard you, your family and friends will appreciate at one of life’s most difficult times.

Boyne Tannum Funerals encourages ongoing training for all staff members to keep ahead of industry standards, keep up to date with technology, continue improving our standard of care, and facilitate special requests that a family may request. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the service we provide, to create a comfortable, personalized Service to bring you and your loved ones together for the celebration of life. A professional, well-planned funeral service brings a great deal of comfort to family members.

We are proud to promote absolute transparency in all we do. You are welcome to inspect any part of our facility or seek further clarification on any service we provide.

Our Funeral and Cremation Costs PDF is intended to provide you with an approximate price guide to a range of service combinations that are frequently chosen.

In conjunction with the information in the PDF, please read the section below which presents guidance on a range of things that influence funeral costs.

What factors influence Funeral and Cremation costs?

  • Whether the funeral involves a cremation or a burial.
  • If it is a burial, whether a plot has been pre-purchased.
  • Sometimes additional travel is required.
  • The choice of a coffin in terms of materials used and the extent of workmanship.
  • The extent of professional mortuary care required or requested.
  • The extent of floral tributes.
  • The length, style and number of death and funeral notices placed in newspapers.
  • Charges made by celebrants, clergy or organists.
  • The extent of catering for post-funeral gatherings.
  • The quality of Funeral Director facilities including things like hearses, mortuary, chapel and viewing facilities.
  • The provision of additional personnel to manage extraordinary needs e.g. very large gatherings
  • Services held on a weekend or public holiday.

Remember – every funeral is unique.

The funeral cost will represent the services and resources required to meet your specific needs and requests.

Our Professional Service Fee

Each service scenario on our Funeral and Cremation Costs PDF includes a professional service fee.

For most funerals in our care, our professional service fee is made up of the first 5 components discussed below. In circumstances where we are honouring a request for no ceremony or gathering (i.e. an unattended cremation), the professional service fee will only include components 1, 2, 3 and 6.

Service Fee Components

1. Boyne Tannum Funerals and Cremations expertise, skill, care and attention, and necessary overhead costs: This component includes but is not limited to consultation with the family; administrative, co-ordination and clerical services; preparation and lodgement of the registration of the death, requiring a minimum staff involvement of 30 hours; a proportionate cost-share for the provision and maintenance of necessary premises and equipment; maintenance of purpose-built specialty vehicles e.g. mortuary transfer vehicle and hearse; compliance with current workplace health and safety requirements; ongoing training and development of our staff; telephone, electricity, gas, rates, taxes and insurances; workers compensation, compulsory superannuation; and standby and penalty rates for the availability of a 24-hour workforce.

2. Mortuary transfer vehicle and staff: To manage the local transfer of the deceased into our care at any hour of any day within a 200km radius.

3. All necessary preparation, care and safe keeping of the deceased for the requested duration, in our purpose-built Mortuary Care Centre: depending on the level of professional care required or requested.

4. Facilitating Funeral Ceremony:

  • This component of the professional service fee is based on the provision of funeral personnel required for the organisation and facilitation of viewings, ceremony and/or gatherings at the chosen location. The management of the cremation or burial process includes the collection of ashes and returning them to our premises for the family to collect.
  • Supply of equipment for lowering marquees and hiring of chairs.
  • A temporary grave marker – first interment only (to be used until headstone is placed).

5. Local use of Hearse as required or requested

6. Facilitating Private Cremation: This component of the professional service fee is based on the provision of funeral personnel required for the organisation and facilitation of the cremation process including the collection of ashes and returning them to our premises for the family to collect.

Costs outside of our professional service fee

  • Printed Service Booklets
  • Catering Services
  • Cemetery equipment
  • Travel beyond 200 kms
  • Coffin or casket—depends entirely on the style that is chosen. After-hour fees for ceremonies held at night, on public holidays or on weekends
  • Payments on client’s behalf: e.g. cemetery or cremation fees, flowers, funeral notices, clergy, celebrant & musician fees, audio visual hire for external venues, third party venue fees, certified copy of death certificate

Cemetery and Crematorium charges are set by the individual Cemetery, Cremation or Council; these charges do not vary between funeral companies.

As per our Terms and Conditions, we require full payment prior to the day of the funeral. Please also note that our service fee includes GST of 10%.

We assure compassion, respect, honesty, sincerity and discretion.
Boyne Tannum Funerals and Cremations strive to create a comfortable, personalized experience to bring you and your loved ones together in this celebration of life.

We assure compassion, respect, honesty, sincerity and discretion.
To make an informed decision about the combination of services that is right for you, and obtain an accurate cost proposal, contact us to organise a meeting with a Funeral Arranger, who will listen to you and explore your options to tailor a service to reflect your personal, cultural and religious requirements, all without obligation.


Take comfort in our care.

We deliver professional funeral services to the people in the Gladstone region, including Boyne Island, Tannum Sands, Agnes Water, 1770, Calliope, Rosedale and surrounding districts.